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BPW Bergische Achsen

The BPW Group researches, develops and produces everything that moves, secures, illuminates, makes intelligent and digitally networks transport. Worldwide.
As a partner of vehicle operators and vehicle manufacturers with 120 years of experience, we think transport and logistics as a whole - and beyond. Our goal is to make transport and logistics processes more efficient, safer and more predictable for our customers in the long term. And, to open up completely new possibilities with electric drive solutions for city logistics and the digital networking of trucks, trailers and freight.

idem telematics GmbH
(Member of BPW Group)

As Europe’s leading telematic partner, idem telematics supports forwarders, fleet operators or shippers in order to continuously improving their core business.
Special features, among others, of idem telematics are the combination of the data worlds for freight, driver and vehicle as well as the broad product portfolio. Commencing from the standardised cargofleet portal solution through to individual industry solutions, the service is designed to fulfil customer-specific requirements.
Idem telematics exclusively provides software and terminals which are certified according to automotive standards.

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